Zemi Island Designs in Coral Bay, St. John is a captivating jewelry store nestled in the heart of the US Virgin Islands. This emporium of distinction showcases stunning, handcrafted pieces inspired by the natural beauty of the Caribbean. From exquisite necklaces and Island Made Hook bracelets, to intricate rings and earrings, Zemi Island Designs offers a curated selection of unique and timeless jewelry. The store's knowledgeable and friendly staff ensures that each customer receives personalized attention while exploring their exquisite collection. Whether you're a jewelry connoisseur or searching for a special gift, Zemi Island Designs is a must-visit destination for all. 


Items we carry include: Local made St. John hook bracelets, Caribbean hook bracelets, Larimar jewelry, gemstone jewelry, south seas pearl jewelry, wreck coin pendants, pirate era coin jewelry, shark tooth jewelry, hammered sterling silver jewelry, chaney pottery jewelry, seaglass jewelry, sealife jewelry, nautical inspired jewelry, paua shell jewelry, local artwork, local jewelry, local wood turning, local beaded jewelery, knives, watches, cork bags, metallic St. John photo prints, Haitian Tin Wall art, and so much more!!!